**EXCLUSIVE** MattyCollector.com Ecto Goggles, behind the scenes

The Ghostbusters of Southern California were given a San Diego Comic Con exclusive outside the glass look at the prototype of the new mattycollector.com Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles. The goggles are heavily based on the goggles worn by Ray in the original Ghostbusters film. We were the only ones given outside of the case access to the goggles as they are the ONLY pair in existance right now and everyone at Matty was extemely worried about damaging them.

Construction of the goggles appears to be one piece that inculdes the goggle frame, lenses, and the faux snaps. The prototype had just come from Matty’s mold shop and appeared to be a hand painted grey model. The thumb screws, battery cover, and side knobs had not even been painted yet! The head strap is a very sturdy nylon with a similar webbing in the back as seen on the GB2 goggles. The decals looked to be undersized and a last minute addition. This prototype pair had no electronics, or face padding installed. All in all we were very pleased with the over all look and size of the prototype.

Please enjoy some images from our look at the prototype Ecto Goggles:


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